Carla Bozulich Tours, Leaving More Questions Then Answers

Why isn’t Carla Bozulich more adored, beloved, and honored? Why has she mostly been ignored in the good ol' USA throughout her career? The public seems to be saying, through their indifference, “Ethyl Meatplow, never heard of her,” “Scarnella, can you die from that?” or “Geraldine Fibbers... is that some kind of baby product?” Sure, there are some cognizant folk out there who know what’s what, but on the whole, I give music fans a big WTF. My nanna would be so mad if she found out I swore -- good thing she doesn’t know what WTF means, what the internet is, or why she can’t seem to get e-mail in the mailbox along with the regular mail [Editor's note: go USPS!!]. Old people, haha. Who said shooting fish in a barrel isn’t fun?

Where was I? Right, Carla Bozulich. She is currently on a tour that will take her to many European countries. Will Europeans have more love for one of the best, however unconventional, country vocalists this country has to offer? I guess it depends on whether or not the grass really is greener on the other side of the Atlantic. She is over there right now on a three-week tour, so treat her good, Europe. Like you would Dinosaur Jr or Brian Wilson. Go on, show us up again.


[Photo: Don Lewis]

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