Casiotone for the Painfully Alone plans final tour, effectively dismantle the entire genre of sad-sack casiocore

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone plans final tour, effectively dismantle the entire genre of sad-sack casiocore

If you’re the peculiarly specific type of personality that’s constantly downtrodden and only enjoys the sound of Casio keyboards, you’ve had a friend for the past 13 years in Owen Ashworth, a.k.a. Casiotone for the Painfuly Alone. That said, if you’re that exact type of person, you may need to sit down for a second. As it turns out, Ashworth has decided to disband his one-man band. He still plans to make music, just not under the Casiotone for the Painfully Alone name. The man may even branch out into the fruitful world of Yamahas.

Before you, the dedicated Casiotone enthusiast who gobbled up last year’s Vs. Children (TMT Review) on Tomlab, start looking for the tragic undertones in Wesley Willis records, know that Ashworth isn’t letting his old project just fall off the face of the earth. No, the guy is sending his Casio to the grave all Viking funeral style, except more “going on an enormous tour” and less “being cremated at sea.” Ashworth will tour North America throughout September and October, and then he’ll head to Europe to tour through late October and November, though those dates have yet to be booked. But don’t take it from me, take it from Ashworth, whose full statement (from the group’s MySpace) lies between here and his North American itinerary:

You may have already heard that I’ve decided to end Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. I’d just like to clarify that this doesn’t mean that I’m quitting music. I love writing & recording songs, & I hope to make lots more records in my lifetime. But, after nearly thirteen years of being the dude from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, I’m ready for a fresh start & a new challenge. So, after December 5, 2010 (the thirteen year anniversary of my first show), I’m throwing out the old songs & I’m trying something new. I’ll have more news about new projects & plans in the coming months.

Between now & December 5, I’m going to try to play as many Casiotone for the Painfully Alone shows as I can. In September & October, I’ll be touring the United States & Canada with some good friends from Melbourne, Australia. They’re called Otouto & they are so great. Those tour dates are below. Later in October & on into November, I’ll be touring Europe & the United Kingdom. That tour is still being booked, but I should have the dates ready to share in a couple of weeks. I’m coming home for Thanksgiving, & then I’m going to try to do something extra special for the big thirteen year anniversary grand finale. I’m not exactly sure what it’ll be yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

I imagine I’ll be repeating this sentiment a lot between now & December, but thank you so, so much to everyone who has been so supportive of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone over the past thirteen years. I never would have started playing shows or making records without the encouragement of some great friends, & it’s blowing my ever-loving mind how many more friends I’ve made through music over the years. Seriously, thank you.

Tomlab is planning to release a 10-inch around Christmas as a final goodbye.

Casiotone for the Painfully Final Tour:

09.08.10 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean *
09.09.10 - Iowa City, IA - PS1 *
09.10.10 - Omaha, NE - The Bourbon Theatre *
09.11.10 - Denver, CO - Hi-Dive *
09.12.10 - Salt Lake City, UT - Subterranean/Slowtrain Records *
09.13.10 - Boise, ID - Visual Arts Collective *
09.14.10 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern *
09.15.10 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret *
09.16.10 - Victoria, BC - The Legendary Castle Troyler *
09.17.10 - Victoria, BC - Logan’s *
09.18.10 - Portland, OR - Artistery *
09.19.10 - Portland, OR - The Wail *
09.21.10 - Oakland, CA - 21 Grand *
09.22.10 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place
09.23.10 - San Luis Obispo, CA -SLO Art Center *
09.24.10 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell *
09.25.10 - Phoenix, AZ - Trunk Space *
09.27.10 - Austin, TX - Emo’s *
09.28.10 - Houston, TX - Khon’s Rooftop *
09.29.10 - Denton, TX - Dan’s Silverleaf
09.30.10 - Memphis ,TN - Hi-Tone *
10.01.10 - Nashville, TN - The End (Next Big Nashville Festival) *
10.02.10 - Lousville, KY - Zanzabar *
10.07.10 - Kalamazoo, MI - WIDR Barking Tuna Festival *
10.08.10 - Toronto, ON - The Piston *
10.09.10 - Ottawa, ON - Raw Sugar *
10.10.10 - Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo
10.12.10 - Biddeford, ME - The Oak & The Ax *
10.13.10 - Cambridge, MA - TT The Bear’s *
10.14.10 - Manhattan, NY - Mercury Lounge *
10.15.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Monster Island Basement *
10.16.10 - Rochester, NY - Bug Jar
10.17.10 - Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Arts

* Otouto

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