Castle Face sending albums to prisoners free of charge

Castle Face sending albums to prisoners free of charge

Thankfully, we’ve progressed in some marginal fashion since the fictional time of The Shawshank Redemption, so that now, prisoners aren’t compelled to look like potential UFO abductees whenever Mozart plays over the loudspeakers. Music isn’t literally unheard of, and prison libraries are certainly more commonplace, but let’s not act like these minor perks make up for the fact that shit is fucked, in due reference to the current state of America’s criminal justice system. Over-incarceration and a negligent approach to mental illness are just two of the issues we’re dealing with here, and god knows it’s going to take some sort of painfully gradual overhaul before we reach anything close to respectability.

John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees), Brian Lee Hughes, and Matt Jones are just three guys running a label, but now they’re doing their part to spread some happiness to those who may have fallen victim to the system. “Castle Face for the Incarcerated” is a new program that pledges the sending of any CD in the Castle Face catalog to an incarcerated person in the United States, free of charge, so long as you do the following: send an e-mail to, put CASTLE FACE FOR THE INCARCERATED in the subject line, and specify all relevant inmate information. Obviously, you’re choosing the inmate here.

Hardcore, thy name is Coachwhips in a prison setting. Check here for full details.

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