The Chap aren’t really nobodies, but they’re releasing an album called We Are Nobody; I’m so confused

The Chap aren't really nobodies, but they're releasing an album called We Are Nobody; I'm so confused

Quick confession: sometimes I zone out when listening to a mix full of new tracks. Don’t get me wrong — new music rules, and I always toss mixes into my iTunes library, but after listening to a track or two off someone else’s mix, my attention tends to wander. Hell, it’s wandering now; I’m thinking about how it’s supposed to snow this weekend and how I might be getting a cat soon and how much I could use a cup of coffee.

But anyway, mix CDs. That’s how I first heard “Fun And Interesting” by The Chap, a song off their 2008 7-inch of the same name. Last year, the slightly off-the-wall synth-pop group released We Are the Best, a greatest hits compilation, and on March 6, they’re set to release their seventh LP, We Are Nothing, on Lo/Loaf Records. Check out the video for “What Did We Do?”; it’s a charming and catchy track off the new album.

We Are Nobody tracklist:

01. Rhythm King
02. What Did We Do?
03. Better Place
04. Talk Back
05. We Are Nobody
06. Curtains
07. Painkiller
08. Running With Me
09. Hands Free
10. Look at the Girl
11. This Is Sick

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