Chondritic Sound offers Believer/Law LP, out October 29, to help you navigate the loneliness of a fundamentally isolated consciousness

Chondritic Sound offers Believer/Law LP, out October 29, to help you navigate the loneliness of a fundamentally isolated consciousness

Has the 21st century got you down? Well we’re only 13 years into it, bucko, so I’d say you better suck it up. We’ve got at least 87 more years of viral YouTube videos and global warming to go before the 22nd century rolls around and everything gets all nice and dandy again. Maybe you’re thinking, “But, Taylor, I don’t have your strength! My muscles are not as lean and toned as yours, and I could never stand strong against the evils of our present era!” Well, first off, thanks so much for noticing! I don’t really work out that much, but it really is satisfying when someone takes note of all the hard work I’ve put in and the progress I’ve made! And second… well, you know what? If you don’t mind, I’m going to go ahead and start a second paragraph for the next thing I’ve got to say.

Hey there! Welcome to the second paragraph, make yourself at home, friend. Like I was saying, if you don’t feel like you’re strong enough to stand against the trials and tribulations of our current age, I may have just the thing for you. You see, Chondritic Sound has got a new LP coming out from the New York industrial and electronic group Believer/Law on October 29. From the looks of it, it’ll be just what the news writer with the great biceps ordered. Believer/Law features members of Cult of Youth, Drunkdriver, Pure Ground, Missing Foundation, and Kama Rupa, so you know they’ve got the skills to hold you over for at least, oh, I don’t know, a decade or two of this retweet-stuffed century.

According to Chondritic, the album, which is called Matters of Life and Death, is “rooted in the trials and tribulations of living in the 21st century.” That’s right! It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for! And get this, instead of “wallowing in the negativity,” they get all uplifting and come to terms with the crushing realities of life itself. Shit is like Oprah with drum machines, and friendo, if Oprah with drum machines won’t solve your problems, then nothing in this world will.

Matters of Life and Death tracklisting:

01. Ashes
02. War Story
03. The Task at Hand
04. Contrition

• Believer/Law:
• Chondritic Sound:

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