Clams Casino to release debut album 32 Levels

Clams Casino to release debut album 32 Levels

In what has surely been a never-ending battle to distinguish himself from the seafood appetizer he shares a name with, Clams Casino looks to score a decisive victory on July 15. For on that date, the former physical therapy student turned hip-hop producer is set to release 32 Levels, his debut album, via Columbia Records.

Following up three mix tapes and notable production credits, 32 Levels is a platter of 12 brand new, ready-to-eat tracks, made using Clams Casino’s signature recipe of cinematic, ethereal beats baked in butter, shallots, and bacon. It also features numerous collaborators accenting those beats with their own vocal flavors. This includes, but is not limited to, a teaspoon of A$AP Rocky, one clove of Lil B, minced, and a dash of Vince Staples, to taste.

From humble beginnings in his mom’s attic, sending rappers his unsolicited beats, to now marinating in the oven on the verge of his major label debut, Clams Casino has cooked quite evenly, thus far. May no one mistake him for a seafood appetizer ever again.

Check out the video for “Blast” below:

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