clipping. release a 24-hour song, acapella tracks, and a remix album

clipping. release a 24-hour song, acapella tracks, and a remix album
Cover art: Jack Roscoe

Rap trio clipping. started out as a remix project by William Hutson (Rale) and Jonathan Snipes (Captain Ahab), who would fuck around with mainstream rap acapellas to create bizarre, challenging noise remixes. So it’s not surprising that the group took to Bandcamp today to release four remix-related projects.

The most intriguing of them is DREAM REMX, which is a remix of one song that lasts 24 FUCKING HOURS. That’s right. This remix album — or whatever you want to call it — features 24 tracks, each exactly an hour long, with the juicy, kush-filled original stretched to even more appropriately match its lyrical content.

They also dropped a 17-song remix album, REMXNG (featuring RP Boo, Pelts, Cooling Prongs, and more), and a pair of acapella albums showcasing MC Daveed Diggs’s rap skills from their 2013 breakout mixtape Midcity and 2014 Sub Pop debut CLPPNG

Check out DREAM REMX below, and head to Bandcamp to collect all four. And if you want more clipping.-related content, watch Diggs (who stars in the Broadway musical Hamilton) explain why Stephen Colbert might have cried over Alexander Hamilton.

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