Cloud Becomes Your Hand announce Rest In Fleas on Northern Spy

Cloud Becomes Your Hand announce Rest In Fleas on Northern Spy
Photo: Christopher Swane

Lest you think that you need to be James Bond or a highly-touted political figure in order for your “reputation to precede you,” that certainly seems to be the case for the Brooklyn-based sextet Cloud Becomes Your Hand, who were praised by our own Grant Purdum for putting on the indisputable best show of 2014’s SXSW, inspiring an eternal optimism in Purdum that would make an alive Mr. Rogers proud. CBYH were also lauded for their “brilliant melodies” in a show listing by The New Yorker, and now, people are coming to TMT basically saying that the band’s next album might cause our skulls to (figuratively) break apart, with pieces of brain dripping down our backsides. This is a good thing, I assure you.

Rest In Fleas is set for release May 27 on Northern Spy (following their signing three years ago), and my immediate impression after fortunately having the chance to listen to it is… comparative FULLNESS, owing to either the mix or the addition of bassist Simon Hanes, who apparently didn’t want to abandon the playfulness of his former Guerilla Toss. Otherwise, things are clearly as eccentric as before. You like fun… don’t… you?

Check the tracklisting after the trailer; pre-orders for every relevant format are available here:

Rest In Fleas tracklisting:

01. Hermit
02. Bridge of Ignorance Returns
03. Aye Aye
04. Other Suns
05. Garden of the Ape
06. Rest in Fleas
07. Third Avenue Slime
08. Made of Teak

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