Cloud Becomes Your Hand becomes a band that’s signed to Northern Spy, also becomes a band that tours the East Coast

Cloud Becomes Your Hand becomes a band that's signed to Northern Spy, also becomes a band that tours the East Coast

Clap your hands and say, “wait, what the fuck is happening? My hands seem to have morphed into a visible mass of liquid droplets how am I supposed to perform my duties at the factory or pleasure my spouse?” because Brooklyn-based acid-trip-prog band Cloud Becomes Your Hand just signed to Northern Spy. In case you’re unfamiliar, Cloud Becomes Your Hand is a band that The New Yorker described explicitly as “kaleidoscopic” and implicitly as “maybe okay for wealthy white people to know about. We’ll see.”

Since starting out back in the Year of our Lord 2010 as the bedroom project of Stephe Cooper, the band has really perfected the art of evading concise description. One minute they’re all folky, then there’s a proggy synth line out of nowhere, then all of a sudden you’re like “Wait a minute, why am I suddenly in a video game?” Now they’re all grown up and planning both a full-length album on Northern Spy for February of next year, and a brief East Coast tour jaunt for THIS VERY MONTH (the dates are below).

You can check out two songs from the forthcoming album over on the group’s Bandcamp, or, if you look below, you can hear recordings from their performance at Shea Stadium, so named for the (in)famous Schmitty Shea, who on that ground back in the Year of our Lord 1905 finally perfected his recipe for a type of butter that you can totally justify rubbing on your face.


11.06.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot #
11.07.13 - Philadelphia, PA - West Kensington Ministry $
11.08.13 - Boston, MA - Cantab Lounge
11.09.13 - Providence, RI - Bldg 16 %
11.10.13 - Northampton, MA - Feeding Tube Records ^

# Zula, Ava Luna, Ashcan Orchestra, Sam Owens (of Celestial Shore)
$ Scott Churchman
% Black Pus, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Japanther
^ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Quilt, Laminated Apes

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