C’mon, Low, when’s your next album coming out?

C'mon, Low, when's your next album coming out?

After some serious prodding from yours truly, Low have announced that they have a new album set for release in 2011 — the band’s first since 2007’s Drums and Guns (TMT Review).

The new album was “recorded in an old church in Duluth, MN and mixed in an apartment in Hollywood, CA,” and features material that was written over the last couple years both on and off the road. The old church, formerly of Catholic persuasion, is actually Sacred Heart studio (where 2002’s Trust was made) and allowed the band to take full advantage of the locale’s “high, vaulted ceilings, natural reverb, and audible affinity for organ sounds and group singing.” The band also got to wear robes a lot, which is good, because Low looove robes.

According to the press release: “2007’s Drums and Guns railed against the war in Iraq,” while “C’mon feels like a plea for humanity, decency and common sense in a world gone mad.” Low’s co-leader Alan Sparhawk elaborated on the PR blurb: “With the last couple of records, we were grappling with something outside of ourselves. This one feels more like, ‘Well, forget that. I’m looking in your eyes right now, and we need to figure out how to get through the next moment, together, as human beings.” Or, in other words: we had a theme for the last album and now we’re writing about new stuff, the songs are deep.

The album will, of course, be released through Sub Pop with information on a release date and a full US tour to be announced soon.

• Low: http://chairkickers.com
• Sub Pop: www.subpop.com

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