Coachella wheels out 2012 lineup #holyshit #likesoexcited #page11of366

Coachella wheels out 2012 lineup #holyshit #likesoexcited #page11of366

On Monday night, my Facebook news feed exploded with assorted variations of “OMG COACHELLA!!!!!! I WANNA GO SOOOOO BAD!!!” I have a couple of questions for all of these over-excited whippersnappers. What the hell are you going to do when the schedule comes out and you discover that Jeff Mangum and Andrew Bird are playing at the same time? Or what if Radiohead cancels because Thom Yorke decides to jet off to the moon? They don’t say “lineup subject to change” for no reason, you know. Of course, that’s all assuming you manage to snag tickets on Friday morning. Good luck.

Coachella takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California on April 13-15 and again on April 20-22. Yeah, two weekends. Oh, and you can peruse the full lineup here.

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