Coachwhips to reunite for shows at SXSW; mass preliminary moshing not just a sign of people being really bored

Coachwhips to reunite for shows at SXSW; mass preliminary moshing not just a sign of people being really bored

In some corners, February might be reserved for tear-soaked chocolate gorging and a fleeting acknowledgment that “Oh hey, it’s Black History Month,” but concurrent with this most mispronounced of months (along with the weeks immediately before and after) is a holiday that TMT has clearly and enthusiastically gotten behind: The Definitive Days of Dwyer, Man Who Likes Doing Things.

I’m verging on creating a horse made of dead skin out of the dead horse that I’m currently beating, but for the sake of those who are viewing this article in a vacuum and are otherwise totally unaware of his recent activities: YES, John Dwyer announced a hiatus for Thee Oh Sees last December; YES, Thee Oh Sees have a new full-length Drop coming out this April; YES, Dwyer is re-forming Coachwhips for shows at this year’s SXSW; NO, I do not like being this affirmative. WAIT… (you’re asking), go back to that second-to-last bit about Coachwhips performing at SXSW!

As a conceivable follow-up to the vinyl reissue of Hands on the Controls last September, the endearingly abusive and lyrically unintelligible project initially active from 2001-2005, Coachwhips, have a spate of shows scheduled in Austin next month, in addition to one in Los Angeles. Hints of something resembling a full-blown reunion actually came in October 2012, when the band performed their first show(s) in seven years at Total Trash Halloween Bash in Oakland. And if those shows were an indication, the band’s form at SXSW will be same as its first iteration, meaning Dwyer on guitar/vocals, John Harlow on drums, and Mary Ann McNamara on keyboard/vocals/unbridled tambourine handling.

“Coachwhips, my old band, used to do like… way more drugs and stuff.” Gain more insight into the Coachwhips/Dwyer lifestyle with this rather awesome (if somewhat dated) interview. Schedule and a taste of the forthcoming insanity below:


03.08.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell #
03.11.14 - Austin, TX - Hotel Vegas
03.12.14 - Austin, TX - Panache Bruise Cruise
03.13.14 - Austin, TX - Brixton Party - Yellowjacket
03.14.14 - Austin, TX - Castleface Party - Hotel Vegas
03.14.14 - Austin, TX - Sailor Jerry Party - Gypsy
03.15.14 - Austin, TX - Spider House
03.15.14 - Austin, TX - Beerland

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