CocoRosie Tour Europe, Hire New Mustache Artists

Best way to get me (or most people I know for that matter) to listen to an album is to tell me that it has been personally sanctioned by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats. So, I figured if he was willing to give the new(est) CocoRosie another whirl, who the hell was I to write it off so quickly? Often, the true depth of an album lies within its flaws, and The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn is no exception. Is "Bloody Twins" (track 3) a phrase you're not totally comfortable with? Probably. Does antiquated, brittle warbling over a music box freak you out in the slightest? Shit, I mean, it should. But once you understand that these elements are as second nature to CocoRosie as the canned horse neigh that appears on most of their albums, you accept that sisters Sierra and Bianca Casaday just might be a little batshit. And that's okay. Because it's pretty and creepy. Mostly pretty.

If that toy horse isn't at these dates, I'ma be pissed:

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