Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld announce collaborative LP on Constellation, out April 28

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld announce collaborative LP on Constellation, out April 28

Can a violin fit inside a saxophone if you jam it in there just right? Maybe! I don’t know! What if the violin’s like a child size one, and the saxophone’s a joke saxophone that’s the size of two full-grown adults? I bet in that case you could slide that ole violin in there easy-peasy. With all this talk of jamming instruments inside other instruments, I feel like you and I are really on track to write up a post about the freshly announced collaborative full-length between saxophonist Colin “Ole Fake Lungs” Stetson and violinist Sarah “Her Fingers Might Be Invisible” Neufeld. So let’s dive in! The album’s called Never were the way she was and it’s due out April 28 from Canadian starmongers Constellation.

As an avid reader of this site/imaginer of instruments stuffed inside other instruments, I’m willing to bet you’re already familiar with the work of both Ole Fake Lungs and Her Fingers Might be Invisible, but, because I like embedding links, lets do a refresher anyway. Stetson’s most recent solo work was bringing his New History Warfare trilogy to a close back in 2013 with To See More Light. Neufeld is a current touring member of a little tiny indie rock band you might’ve heard of once or twice called the Arcade Fire, and she’s also worked with Bell Orchestre. In 2013 she released her debut solo record Hero Brother. The duo started working together back in 2012 when they toured together, and have ever since been road testing their collaborative compositions. Peep the album’s opening track “The sun roars into view” below, and pre-order the album here.

Never were the way she was tracklist:

01. The sun roars into view
02. Won’t be a thing to become
03. In the vespers
04. And still they move
05. With the dark hug of time
06. The rest of us
07. Never were the way she was
08. Flight

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