Colin Stetson to release new 10-inch in October, is rumored to have played saxophone on it

Colin Stetson to release new 10-inch in October, is rumored to have played saxophone on it

Thank you, Colin Stetson! See, folks, this is what I want from a musician whose records I “buy.” With Bon Iver or whoever’s burning up the charts these days, I sometimes feel like: “Hey, I strum a guitar alright. And sure, you’re a good singer, but if I wasn’t so lazy and tired and drunk all the time, I could probably record some songs that sound like this myself.” Not the case with Stetson. He does things I can’t do. Dude plays sax. Dude synthesizes Reich and Glass and Coltrane and trance people that I’m not even hip enough to listen to. Dude doesn’t cop out with any of those red-and-black loop pedals that purport to any sort of indie-tech, “you can do this too” nonsense (And thank god, cuz I’m sick of doing things. Aren’t you?). Dude just blows that horn and Big Bangs out a quick universe.

Or, in the case of Those Who Didn’t Run, his new 10-inch vinyl/0-inch digital release that’s coming on October 4 via Constellation, make that two universes. The two 10-minute sides were recorded by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Islands) in Stetson’s home studio and feature nothing but some idiosyncratically-placed mics around the horn and Stetson doing two single-take performances of his best impression of Homer Simpson blowing the word “sax-a-ma-phoooone” into a mouthpiece. The 10-inch follows his recently-confirmed-as-good New History Warfare, Vol. 2 and precedes his imminent forever-tour with the aforementioned Bon Iver, during which he’ll do the exact opposite of everything I just said I liked him for. Balls. Oh well… another Caucasian, Gary!

Those Who Didn’t Run tracklist:

01. Those Who Didn’t Run
02. The End of Your Suffering

• Colin Stetson:
• Constellation:

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