Crystal Antlers announce new LP Nothing Is Real, release very real trailer for it

Crystal Antlers announce new LP Nothing Is Real, release very real trailer for it

Nothing is real, baby, yeah! Can you feel me, baby? Strawberry fields and incense and peppermints and all that stuff! And Crystal Antlers! Psych rock to the max and all hail Ram Dass and Robert Anton Wilson and maybe even Alan Watts if he’s in cartoon form! Life is a whiff of burnt almonds, and those burnt-ass almonds are the smell of revolution; and that revolution is the EVOlution… of a new, leisurely-innovative record album, Nothing Is Real, chasing their last one like Alice and the white rabbit; and it’s all dropping like the drippiest of brown acid on the very trippy October 15 via L.A.’s most far-out Innovative Leisure label!

Like, can I just say that real-er than now and now-er than real cover art and new album trailer by famed surf/skate/graffiti guru C.R. Stecyk = glimpse of a whole new world of sound and vision from Crystal Antlers (which, by the way, has been reincarnated as an agile power trio of LIONS, featuring leader Jonny Bell, drummer Kevin Stuart and guitarist Andrew King), like whole universes budding from the fuzz of a blissy fucking dandelion? Can I? Because don’t look now, but I think I just did! Mindfreak! Yo, don’t actually freak, though. Keep calm and shine-on (as if you have any choice!). Isn’t that right, main-diamond Bell? Preach it:

[…] the new album finally felt balanced in it’s process, writing and recording. A big part of that was the fact that we had our own space for the first time ever (the studio I built at my house), and we were able to really stretch out. That enabled us to explore more pop ideas that would have probably previously been canned. We also were able to really focus on dynamics and having a very clear sonic feel to the record. We really strived to maintain the same spirit and energy that we had in the beginning, and that’s what ties everything we’ve done together.

Plastic soul, my man, truly. Just cosmic, cosmic stuff.

Nothing Is Real tracklisting:

01. Pray
02. Rattlesnake
03. Licorice Pizza
04. We All Gotta Die
05. Paper Thin
06. Persephone
07. Anywhere But Here
08. Don’t Think of the Stone
09. Wrong Side
10. Better Things
11. Prisoner Song

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