Crystal Stilts muster out new album, In Love with Oblivion

Crystal Stilts muster out new album, In Love with Oblivion

When they’re not busy being the newly crowned princes of crooning Brooklyn post-pop-punk, Crystal Stilts have taken a moment or two to materialize a new piece of crooning post-pop-punk. Once again, Slumberland will be the middle man for the foursome by releasing In Love with Oblivion on April 12 (a day earlier in the UK on Fortuna Pop!). The album will act as the follow-up to last year’s “Shake the Shackles” 7-inch and 2008’s fairly well-received Alight of Night.

Other than that snippet of goodness, the band has only one show planned so far, which you’ll see below along with the new album’s tracklist. Looks like they’re playing it low-key — oh so Brooklyn-esque.

In Love with Oblivion:

01. Sycamore Tree
02. Through the Floor
03. Silver Sun
04. Alien Rivers
05. Half a Moon
06. Flying Into the sun
07. Shake the Shackles
08. Precarious Stair
09. Invisible City
10. Blood Barons
11. Prometheus At Large


04.29.11 Austin, TX East Side Drive-In (Austin Psych Fest)

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