Dan Deacon announces new album on Domino, hopefully featuring Francis Ford Coppola on lead vocals

Dan Deacon announces new album on Domino, hopefully featuring Francis Ford Coppola on lead vocals

Hey righteous party animals! Are you guys talking about makin’ banging albums? Well, watch out. Because nobody makes albums like ma boy Dan “Dan Deacon” Deacon! Why, just this morning I was peeping deets about the new album that the old party-starting rave master has up his sleeve for August 28 in the USA (August 27 everywhere else). Yeah, it’s right next to all the fuckin Ecstasy that he also keeps up his sleeve! BOO-yeazz!! Alright, settle it down, now, settle it down. Anyway, he’s fixing to call it America, and it’s his first album for them outrageous mo-fuckers at Domino (they’re all whacked-out and Euro Trip over there, so you know they know how to throw it down) and his followup to the crotch-grabbing transcendence of Bromst (TMT Review) from back in hazy-ass 2k9. (P.S. Me and this chick got all crunked out listening to that record once and started eating hotdogs and then french kissing and passing the chewed up hotdogs all back and forth between our mouths and shit while we rubbed up against each other, you know? Shit. Was. SENSORY.)

I think we can totes expect more of the same ballin’, balls-out, balls-to-the-wall badassery this time around. Actually, give me one sec. to copy/paste some press release shit here… I won’t even read it first. I’m just gonna assume that it backs up my general ‘tude. Here we go. Haha, put this in your pipe:

The ecstatic, celebratory sounds found on America are in compelling contrast with the darker thematic undercurrents. The album demonstrates anger, confusion, and apocalyptic anxiety over corporatism and war, but finds consolation in the geography of the United States and in recent social movements both domestic and international […]There’s a subtler approach to timbre on America, informed by Deacon’s recent experiences in the classical world - commissions and collaborations, his Carnegie Hall debut; his first film score (for a Francis Ford Coppola film).

…Dawg! Uh, that is not where my headspace was all at. Sorry, duders. But if it’s any big dif to you, the album’s first single still sounds pretty tub-thumbing to these ragin’ ears. So maybe that press release is just full of some bunk ass schwag.

America tracklisting:

01. Guilford Avenue Bridge
02. True Thrush
03. Lots
04. Prettyboy
05. Crash Jam
06. USA I: Is a Monster
07. USA II: The Great American Desert
08. USA III: Rail
09. USA IV: Manifest


07.07.12 - Des Moines, IA - 80/35 Festival
07.12.12 - New York, NY - Pier 84 *
07.14.12 - Cincinnati, OH - Bunbury Music Festival
07.21.12 - Antigonish, NS - Evolve Festival
09.01.12 - Chicago, IL - North Coast Music Festival
09.07.12 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Music Festival
09.19.12 - Prague, Czech Republic - Meet Factory
09.20.12 - Berlin, Germany - Festsall Kreuzberg
09.21.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Reepers
09.22.12 - Eindehoven, Netherlands - Area 51
09.23.12 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Bitterzoet
09.24.12 - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique
09.25.12 - Paris, France - Le Trebando
09.26.12 - London, UK - Scala
09.28.12 - Manchester, UK - Islington Mill
09.29.12 - Brighton, UK - The Haunt

* John Maus

• Dan Deacon: http://www.dandeacon.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.com

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