Dan Deacon presents whacked-out film at Incubate Festival

Dan Deacon presents whacked-out film at Incubate Festival

In September, Dan Deacon will be making the quantum leap from sound wizard/frontiersman/crowd dictator/spazoid/manipulator to an entirely new medium of spastic freakishness. Instead of controlling your bodily and aural functions, he will instead be attempting to manipulate your perception of, you know, visual shit. Yep, prior to the Incubate Festival, which will take place September 12-19, Deacon will be making things happen with main man Jimmy Joe Roche by shooting a film in a farm outside of festival local Tilburg, Netherlands.

According to PR peeples, the film is conceptualized around “explorations of culture and the body — and the ways that dreams can inspire and torture us — dreams weaving fluidly in and out of reality.” Wow. After viewing this thing, chances are Deacon will be the one doing the torturing… of dreams, that is. The shooting involves a large cast of members that stage a series of what Roche and Deacon refer to as “happenings,” with spoken word in both Dutch and English and a supposed abundance of improv motion(?). This whole mess will be screening prior to Deacon’s live performance at the festival. It’s sure to be a doozy.

Before then, don’t forget to get your tickets to Whartscape (TMT News)!

• Dan Deacon: http://www.myspace.com/dandeacon

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