Das Racist releasing debut album Relax in September, the least tolerant month of the year

Das Racist releasing debut album Relax in September, the least tolerant month of the year

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Perennial pranksters Das Racist stormed out of the underground in 2010 with a caustic yet buzz-worthy blend of Joycean wit and post-millennial swagger — the kind of razor-sharp boom bap that recalls the hard-as-nails rhythms of the streets yet would just as likely show up on your sociology professor’s playlist! If New York City is a melting pot, consider goofball MCs Heems and Kool A.D. the ones stirring 2011’s soup — and spiking it with a pinch of WTF, no less!

If you slept on the insane mixtape Shut Up, Dude and the batshit second mixtape Sit Down, Man, you missed out on two giant heapings of win… and get this: there’s even more wry, irreverent wordplay to come. The boys who give voice to what we’re all too polite to say out loud are finished with a brand-new album proper called Relax, but once you see the tracklist you’ll be doing anything but relaxing! It’s coming September 13 on Greedhead Music, and though there’s a song called “Michael Jackson” (ouch, too soon?) and another called “Selena” (um, can you say LOLZ?), the star of the show is, as always, the raw, “oh do they didn’t” biting lyricism that could only emerge from Brooklyn.

Excitement is at a full boil already, as in-depth articles on Relax are already in the production pipeline for Rolling Stone, The Believer, The New York Times, Sasha-Frere Jones’ and Nitsuh Abebe’s personal blogs, a segment on All Songs Considered, an appearance on Jimmy Fallon (that’s already being called “outrageous” by Gorilla Vs. Bear), and a week-long, NSFW engagement with Pitchfork.tv’s “60 Seconds Left” series.

Relax tracklisting:

01. Relax
02. Michael Jackson
03. Brand New Dance
04. Middle of the Cake
05. Girl
06. Shut Up, Man (feat. El-P)
07. Happy Rappy
08. Booty in the Air
09. Power (feat. Danny Brown and Despot)
10. Punjabi Song (feat. Bikram Singh)
11. Selena
12. Rainbow in the Dark
13. The Trick
14. Celebration

• Das Racist: http://dasracist.net
• Greedhead: http://greedhead.net

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