David Lynch’s electronic album is done, but he won’t talk about it until he Skypes with the International Music Summit on May 26

David Lynch's electronic album is done, but he won't talk about it until he Skypes with the International Music Summit on May 26

Last November, David Lynch’s electronic single hit iTunes and the internet for streaming, and “Good Day Today” immediately became the #1 song in the US, up there on Billboard next to Nelly and Rihanna (if David Lynch were truly the purveyor of alternate realities). Early this year, Sunday Best unleashed a physical package of the single, backed with a second Lynch track, “I Know,” and a handful of sweet remixes (available online here). You can see the trend: time passes, more is available. If you were excited by those little tidbits, hold on to your socks: David Lynch’s whole electronic album is finished.

Unfortunately, we don’t have too many more details, because David Lynch is saving them for a talk at the International Music Summit in Ibiza on May 26 (for those of you not up on your geography, Ibiza is a small island off the coast of Spain). As is Lynch’s style, he’s not physically going to be in Ibiza, but will give the keynote speech by projecting his handsome visage across the sea via Skype. (The future is here: an enlarged face looming on a screen over hundreds of adoring followers, hanging on his every word. Just think about it!)

Here’s Lynch’s official statement:

I’m excited to talk to those attending the International Music Summit in Ibiza… Twelve months ago Jason Bentley from KCRW gave a track I made with my engineer Big Dean Hurley to Ben Turner and Rob da Bank of Sunday Best Recordings, and we return this year to chat about the full-length album we have just completed. I look forward to chatting with them and everyone else in attendance on May 26th live from my own studio in Los Angeles. We’ll talk about the music and how it came to be and exist. We had such a blast making it and I am honored to be a part of the International Music Summit.

I wonder what his username is?

• David Lynch: http://davidlynch.com
• IMS 2011: http://www.internationalmusicsummit.com

[Artwork: Nini Sum]

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