David Sylvian Discovers Manafon; It Turns Out to Be a Welsh Village

If you're well into your 20s and it's only today when you realized the overtone of sarcasm in the uber-expensive Ten reissue that you got as a birthday present from your elder brother (36, landscape designer), well here's your chance to get even by purchasing him David Sylvian's highly conceptual deluxe-edition of Manafon, which should fit perfectly in his bookcase, right next to the never-opened Baudelaire bilinguas. If you feel like spending more and want me to tell you what to buy, you can either get a standard edition for yourself (that will look equally cool next to Crying Light) or, say, Fuck Yeah Fest Fest tickets. Choose wisely.

Despite the pretentious title, website, and wordy release notes full of abstract nouns used by grown-ups to write about minimalist art objects, the album sampler for David Sylvian's new album on SamadhiSound sounds promising. It's also said to be a “sister album” to Blemish (TMT Review), with Fennesz adding his two glitchy cents.

But it's a pity Mr. Sylvian doesn't seem to care about state parks.

Manafon tracklist:

1. Small Metal Gods
2. The Rabbit Skinner
3. Random Acts of Senseless Violence
4. The Greatest Living Englishman
5. 125 Spheres
6. Snow White in Appalachia
7. Emily Dickinson
8. The Department of Dead Letters
9. Manafon

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