Dean Blunt fleshes out details on first “proper solo LP” The Redeemer, out in May on Hippos in Tanks

Dean Blunt fleshes out details on first "proper solo LP" The Redeemer, out in May on Hippos in Tanks

Disrupting the yuletide cheer of the holiday season, Dean Blunt announced in December that an LP titled The Redeemer was coming in “Spring 2013,” accompanied by a brief snippet of music along the same confounding modern-MIDI-classical lines as “FLAXEN” and the no-longer-available “PALACE PAVILION.” Now Blunt has released details about the mystery album via press release gabber from “Rhys Raiskin” (a quick Google search identifies him as a miscellaneous crew member for the production of Spring Breakers…), and who knows what of it is applicable to reality.

Most plausible is the release date of May 1, via Hippos in Tanks and new Blunt/Copeland imprint World Music. Described as a “sonic evolution” but thematically linked to last year’s chart-topping podcast-concrète-turned-180-gram-vinyl The Narcissist II (TMT Review), this “first official solo LP” expands on said amorphous infatuation tales, where “the listener becomes the character in Blunt’s unflattering romance, receiving scorned voicemail messages and whispers from lovers.” No tracklist is yet available, but the music is described as uncharacteristically lavish, “orchestral sonatas” that recall “none” of “the usual misdirection and tape hiss of former Blunt affiliated releases.” We’ll see about all that. Hippos in Tanks tweeted a pic of the “mastering” process with a few more clues; “FLAXEN” looks to be on the 19-track album, along with what looks to be tracks titled “DEMON,” “AIR PIE,” and ”#ff.”

Are you excited about the album? Are you uninterested? Do you think Blunt is a complete “scumbag”? Let us know in the comments section below.

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