Death Grips to premiere NO LOVE DEEP WEB at midnight; band says Epic Records won’t confirm its release date “till next year sometime”

Death Grips to premiere NO LOVE DEEP WEB at midnight; band says Epic Records won't confirm its release date "till next year sometime"

Yesterday, YouTube user moralreef discovered a new track by Death Grips called “True Vulture Bare.” He apparently found the track through a hole in the group’s website and, for the good of humankind, uploaded it to YouTube. As he put it: “Just having a peek at the files URI in the Death Grips website (They really need to fix that hole), found a new track, under”

Today, Death Grips have announced a “leak” of their own. At the stroke of midnight (a.k.a. midnight), the group will be premiering their forthcoming album NO LOVE DEEP WEB, the follow-up to April’s The Money Store (TMT Review). According to Death Grips’ Twitter, not only will this be our first chance to hear the album, but also the group’s label, Epic Records, who apparently now won’t confirm a release date “till next year sometime.”

NO LOVE DEEP WEB was originally slated for October 23, but I guess waiting until then or “next year sometime” won’t be necessary. Details have yet to be announced, but be sure to check Death Grips’ Twitter. And, keep in mind that this premiere is happening at midnight PST, so plan your life accordingly. Me? I need my beauty sleep. Says my wife. :(

Meanwhile, here’s the aforementioned “True Vulture Bare” as you wait:

[UPDATE: Death Grips have now shared NO LOVE DEEP WEB in full, via SoundCloud stream, YouTube playlist, BayFiles download, and direct download from!]

Oh and here’s the cover:

• Death Grips:

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