Deerhoof reissue two classic LPs for Record Store Day, tour

Deerhoof reissue two classic LPs for Record Store Day, tour

To show their vast appreciation for the physical medium of recorded music and for the mere fact that record stores even exist in today’s digitally drenched world, indie heavyweights Deerhoof have decided to re-release two of their classics in celebration of this year’s upcoming Record Store Day on April 17. The two albums that the band have deemed worthy of bonus-laden re-release are 2003’s Apple O’, which many consider the group’s strongest statement to date (and graced the page of many a end-of-decade list [though, we chose Reveille]), and 2005’s Green Cosmos EP, which has been a tough find for some time because of self-admitted poor marketing upon original release. Not only are these gems of the musical wizardry that is Deerhoof being slathered onto pristine color vinyl, but they are also accompanied by expanded artwork and bonus tracks. Thanks Kill Rock Stars!

Apple O’ vinyl reissue tracklist:

A1. Dummy Discards a Heart
A2. My Diamond Star Car
A3. Heart Failure
A4. Panda Panda Panda
A5. Apple Bomb
A6. Flower
B1. Sealed With a Kiss
B2. L’Amour Stories
B3. Hayley and Homer
B4. Dinner for Two
B5. The Forbidden Fruits
B6. Adam+Eve Connection
B7. Blue Cash

Bonus tracks:

Dummy Discards a Heart (live 2003)
The Forbidden Fruits (Chris demo)
Panda Panda Panda (first performance 2002)
My Diamond Star Car (live 2002)


Green Cosmos EP vinyl reissue tracklist:

A1. Green Cosmos
A2. Byun
A3. Hot Mint Air Balloon
A4. Kokeko Kitten
B1. Come See the Duck
B2. Malalauma
B3. Spiral Golden Town

Bonus tracks:

Spiral Golden Town (Greg demo)
Hot Mint Air Balloon (live 2004)
Come See the Duck (live 2005)
Kokeko Kitten (Rehearsal 2004)

Oh, and Deerhoof’s on tour. Check out the dates here.

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