Def Jam Denies Dropping Nas Due To Controversial Album Title, The World Groans, Rolls Their Eyes, And Says “Yeah Right.”

There are certain things in life you can always count on. Observe the following examples:

- Britney Spears will never fail to make headlines.
- If you wear a Red Sox hat at Yankee Stadium, you’re going to get your ass kicked.
- That Thai restaurant on the corner may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean your stomach will thank you for it.
- If you title your album Nigger, you will risk being possibly dropped by your record label.

Yes, Nas, I’m talking to you. Okay, okay, so Def Jam claims that it's not dropping Nas, but the mere fact that it was brought up means that most likely (1) Def Jam thought about it and decided against it, (2) Def Jam intends to drop Nas in the future, or (3) the drop was fabricated, which means, no matter how you slice it, there's some cultural dissonance here about the word "nigger."

But don’t worry; if Nas can handle Kelis’ “Milkshake,” I’m sure he can deal with anything that Def Jam throws at him. Nigger is still due to be released sometime next month.

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