Demdike Stare, Hype Williams, DJ Rashad, Actress pick apart South African dance music on Shangaan Shake comp

Demdike Stare, Hype Williams, DJ Rashad, Actress pick apart South African dance music on Shangaan Shake comp

Perhaps you remember the South African dance compilation Shangaan Electro put out by the Honest Jon’s label a few years ago; let’s assume that you do, and that you’ve made up different dance moves to each jacked-up track on it, putting to shame any other South African dance fans in your voting district. You probably even got super pumped when you heard ZS mention wanting to collaborate with that scene! Boy do I have something for you, especially if you’re into other dudes who take wacked approaches to dance music and resulting atmospheres/emanations. The very same Honest Jon’s label is in the midst of releasing limited 12-inches featuring major playas on the 21st-century scene “remixing” material from Shangaan Electro, if the word “remix” didn’t instantly mean something middling and disposable. You understand the difference between a Tiësto remix and a Hype Williams one, right? One’s for people on molly, the other’s for people on antidepressants.

Past and future tagged remixers include Demdike Stare, DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn, RP Boo, Hype Williams, Actress, Ricardo Villalobos, Theo Parrish, Mark Ernestus, Burnt Friedman, Oni Ayhun, MMM, Old Apparatus, Anthony Shake Shakir, and Max Loderbauer. Since that amounts to an uneconomical number of 12-inches to collect, the label is also offering a 2-CD set of all the remixes (or song-reworkings, whatever) as the Shangaan Shake compilation, set for release on March 13. The songs vary from a “carnivalesque head scrambler” by Theo Parrish to a “deep, minimal funk” piece by Ricardo Villalobos to the aesthetically aligned reworks by footwork producers DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and RP Boo that stay “true to the hyper-energy and raw, unhinged power of the source material.” Plus all those other respectable joes! Gosh, I can’t stand around here talking about this fantastic compilation, why I need to go right out to my record store and preorder my copy today! And I’m going to say Tiny Mix Tapes sent me! How fun!

R.P. Boo Meets Shangaan Electro (clip) by Honest Jons

Rashad and Spinn Meet Tshetsha Boys (clip) by Honest Jons

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