Der Kindestod releases debut EP God As Daddy The Deranged on Halcyon Veil

Der Kindestod releases debut EP God As Daddy The Deranged on Halcyon Veil

Superficial actions taken in the name of social justice may or not be common these days, but Rabit wants to make it abundantly clear that his goal in running the Halcyon Veil label has less to do with an artist’s race or gender identity than the message being put forth through their music. The producer said in a recent interview that he thinks “people can tell the difference” when labels sign people purely for the sake of expanding a facade of liberal street cred; and, since 2015, Rabit has established an impressive catalog of artists and releases that aren’t easily pigeonholed.

Unsurprisingly, the MO of Halcyon Veil remains intact with the debut release of God As Daddy The Deranged, a new EP from House of Kenzo affiliate Der Kindestod. While the personal details of the San Antonio-based artist remain mysteriously shrouded (by a halcyon veil?), there’s apparently something downright demonic about the producer’s musical philosophy. (Um, Here’s the character from Buffy who shares the same name.)

Anyway, point is: I’m digging the hard hits combined with the frightening serial killer sampling, and you might too. Stream the EP in its entirety below or buy it here.

God As Daddy The Deranged tracklisting:

01. You Don’t Believe Me
02. Mortal Coil (feat. LEDEF)
03. Numb Flesh

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