Did You Know That Wire Had a New Album Out? Neither Did I! Do You Wanna Stream Their New Single For Free and Maybe See Them Live? Oh Boy, So Do I! Do You Think You’ll Want Kids Someday? Oh… I’m So Sorry I Asked

If you’re UK punk rock royalty these days, apparently the only way to gain media exposure is to be a racist douchebag who orders your crew to beat up the lead singer of Bloc Party. Well, no longer! Today, we reward the just, the unwavering faithful, the crusty punk veterans with the blood of musical combat still wet upon their pockmarked skin. You know, the ones who are still putting out relevant material.

How can such a group exist, you ask? I have but one taut word for you: Wire. The artsy-fartsy foursome has a new album out called Object 47, a Fellini-ish sort of title celebrating the 47th object in the band’s discography. The record has been available in the U.S. since July 15, leaving me to ponder why Wire have only now released the album’s single, “One of Us,” as a free stream on their website. One would guess the underexposure of this record has something to do with the lack of an online single being made available in conjunction with the album’s drop. Then again, Wire have always released material with the attitude that they were doing the public a favor, not because they needed to. I guess releasing a free single late is about the most punk rock thing a band can do these days. Whatever, it’s still more punk than hate crime.

After a few scattered festival appearances in Europe, Wire will hop over to North America and grace us with a few dates. A TMT review of the new album is forthcoming, but I can grant you at least this tiny insight on the new record: Wire have remained steadfast in their commitment never to suck.

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