Dim Mak pulls TAI EP Indian Kill from stores due to backlash; racism apparently not the key to running a successful business

Dim Mak pulls TAI EP Indian Kill from stores due to backlash; racism apparently not the key to running a successful business

Though he may be delivering his mea culpas with the utmost of urgency now, it’s hard to wrap your head around just what the fuck Germany-based DJ and producer TAI was thinking with the release of his latest EP, Indian Kill. Regardless of how small a percentage of the world’s population a particular demographic is, let it be known, it’s definitely not okay to casually suggest, or make light of, that demographic’s systematic wiping out — their genocide, in other words. That’s speaking generally of course — it makes even less sense when it’s associated with a music release, unless, you know, you’re actively trying to court that type of crowd.

You know the title. You see the cover art above. Deejay NDN of A Tribe Called Red was one of the most prominent initial voices speaking out against the EP, remarking on his Facebook page, “I can’t believe this is ok… This makes me sick on how violent racism like this is acceptable in the EDM. I’m so upset right now.” And so a flurry of vocal and textual outrage rightfully ensued.

Nigh instantly, as though TAI and Steve Aoki (owner of the Dim Mak record label to which the offender is signed) anticipated such a reaction, both issued apologies. A post on the Dim Mak Facebook page attributes the label’s initial compliance to a belief in creative expression, while TAI himself talks, somewhat believably, about his “Eastern Hemisphere”-borne ignorance. Here’s an excerpt:

Having been born in London and raised in Thailand, I was raised with a strong respect and affinity for all cultures. But being from the Eastern Hemisphere, I was unfortunately not fully versed in the negative connotations that my EP’s content would have, and I am truly sorry for any offense I have caused. I know that my ignorance of these matters cannot be used as an excuse in any way, but I want to make it clear that I in no way intended for the EP to be offensive or to stir controversy, etc. Those who know me personally know that I am anything but a racist, and I now understand fully that the track and artwork were poor choices to represent my artistic direction.

Read the whole thing here. At TAI and Dim Mak’s request, Indian Kill is in the process of being removed from all stores, and any proceeds so-far earned will be donated to the Native American Heritage Association. Well, that was fast.

• TAI: http://www.therealtai.com
• Dim Mak: http://www.dimmak.com

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