Diplo wants you to Express Yourself on bangin’/spankin’ new EP

Diplo wants you to Express Yourself on bangin'/spankin' new EP

2012. America’s in turmoil. Fighting, name-calling, and a severe lack of good times have gripped the nation. The only thing people can agree on is Gotye. But wait! Before you despair, remember Diplo. The beat-droppin’ genre freak may have first appeared in our hearts and sound systems several years ago, but now, in the era the Mayans predicted would signal a great interplanetary change (or something) it seems more and more likely that Diplo is a gift from a party rockin’ future, who has traveled back in time to save us from wack parties, inane electro, and the two dudes in LMFAO. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen of discerning taste, Diplo is back!

So party people, you can stop holding back. Diplo’s here, with a brand spankin’ new (emphasis on the spankin’) EP and he wants you to Express Yourself. Out on the DJ/producer/all around cool dude’s own Mad Decent label on June 12, Express Yourself is a non-stop dance-a-thon bending electro dance jams into New Orleans Bounce contortions and EDM splits before shooting that crazed, wailing genrebaby out of a Dancehall cannon. Always the busy fella from the future, Diplo is half of Major Lazer, and has recently worked with Beyoncé and Usher. Express Yourself is his first solo album since 2004’s groundbreaking Florida, and you can check out closing track “Set It Off” below.

Express Yourself tracklisting:

01. Express Yourself (feat. Nicky Da B)
02. Barely Standing (feat. Datsik & Sabi)
03. No Problem (feat. Flinch & My Name Is Kay)
04. Move Around (feat. Elephant Man & GTA)
05. Butters Theme (feat. Billy the Gent & Long Jawns)
06. Set It Off (feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex)

• Diplo: http://soundcloud.com/diplo
• Mad Decent: http://maddecent.com

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