Dirty Projectors to Perform The Getty Address in Full. Yes, IN FULL.

Dirty Projectors to Perform The Getty Address in Full. Yes, IN FULL.

Back in 2005, Dirty Projectors mastermind Dave Longstreth and an earlier DP incarnation cranked out The Getty Address, a sprawling, glitchy, insular, heady concept album filled with processed female choirs, sequenced beats, and orchestra parts that would almost certainly have George Martin rolling around in his grave (trust me, he’s dead), topped off with a pretty po-mo storyline about… well, Don Henley and Sacagawea. Only they aren’t Don Henley and Sacagawia. Get it? Well good. You’re about as in the know as most of us, then.

Anyway, since that record, Dave and co. have conquered a heck of a lot of indie rock territory. So much so, in fact, that they’ve apparently finally got the fanbase, the balls, and (most importantly) the budget to go all-out and resurrect TMT favorite The Getty Address live in its entirety! As a special favor explicitly to us! Maybe. (Maybe?) Uh, yeah, so, on February 19 at New York’s Lincoln Center (already sold out, y’all) and February 27th at Los Angeles’ Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dirty Projectors will present the record in full with 15-piece contemporary music ensemble Alarm Will Sound, conducted by Alan Pierson and in an arrangement by Matt Marks. In addition, they will play a set of material from their TMT smash hit, “We Are the World”… I mean, Bitte Orca (TMT Review) .

The New York show at Lincoln Center is part of the badass American Songbook concert series, and The L.A. show is a co-headlining thing with the L.A. Lakers… I mean, the Los Angeles Philharmonic. During the first half, the Philharmonic will play orchestral pieces that Longstreth has hand-picked(!!!), and then the REAL musicians will take over for the second half and play the REAL high art stuff (a.k.a. the DP album). Finally, a chance to SIT DOWN IN ASSIGNED SEATS at a rock show! Oh, how I’ve been waiting…

• Dirty Projectors: http://www.dirtyprojectors.net
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