Discogs announces app version due next year

Discogs announces app version due next year

UPDATE: The invite-only beta version of the iOS app was released today (9/24). Go here to request an invite.

When I mention apps at the TMT office, my coworker bros usually think I’m talking about happy hour at Chili’s. This time, though, I’m happy to talk about the new Discogs app being developed for iOS and Android (that’s how you know they’re serious) and to be launched early next year. The app will be based on the existing third-party app, MilkCrate, which allows for browsing of massive record collections.

This is great news to me. A few months ago, I told a coworker to catalog his vinyl collection on the Discogs website. I then spent the next three days entering all my records I hadn’t added yet so I could make sure my volume remained greater than his. While incredibly rewarding, it was a slow process. With the app, I could have added my collection more quickly. This miracle of technology also allows the bin hogs to check if that MC Skat Kat 12-inch is worth any moola and haggle the cross-armed record store clerk with an upper-hand. Let the cybering begin!

• Discogs: http://www.discogs.com

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