Discogs announces new batch of Crate Diggers events! (Now’s your chance to find that 45 of “It’s Raining Men!”)

Discogs announces new batch of Crate Diggers events! (Now's your chance to find that 45 of "It's Raining Men!")

The conventional wisdom on most things is that a person should try everything in life at least once, with the notable exceptions of line dancing and incest. Crate digging, of course, should be tried by anyone with even a passing interest in music if given the chance. You just never know what you’re going to find while searching for record treasure. Whether you have wildly adventurous taste in music or are just starting a vinyl collection — or even if you only collect versions of “Yakety Sax” — mammoth musical “database and marketplace” Discogs has tape traders and vinyl enthusiasts of all walks of life covered with the announcement of six forthcoming Crate Diggers events.

A large chunk of my own youth was spent being reluctantly dragged to — and then, later participating enthusiastically in — travels to garage sales, flea markets, estate auctions, and thrift stores with an obsessive album collector father. I know well both the painful waiting and immense joy that can be found at a record dig. Discogs knows this too and has cut out the terrible parts of vinyl hunting by uniting vendors with seasoned collectors and newbie buyers in one spot to flip through records and listen to music. Having already hit Dallas, Miami, Montréal, and Toronto this year, the next Crate Diggers events will take place in Portland (August 26), Tokyo (September 2), Berlin (September 23), London (September 30), Amsterdam (October 7), and Los Angeles (October 14).

Besides stocking every stop with over 30 record vendors from around the globe, each event will feature DJ sets for the 12-6 p.m. afternoon record rumble, followed by headline spinners for the nighttime afterparties. All afterparty entertainment has been lined up (except Tokyo, see list below), but, with the exception of Portland, daytime DJ acts are still to be confirmed. Links to all events are clickable below. Entry for all shows is FREE! There is a strict no judgement rule when it comes to personal musical interests or good taste, so what do you have to lose, “proto prog ska wave fem radiator grime girl” and “guy who only collects Music for the Olympic Games”?? To thine own self be true!

08.26.17 - Portland, OR - White Owl Social Club # - link
09.02.17 - Tokyo, Japan - Contact $ - link
09.23.17 - Berlin, Germany - Prince Charles % - link
09.30.17 - London, England - Oval Space ^ - link
10.07.17 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - De Marktkantine * - link
10.14.17 - Los Angeles, CA - Lot 613 + - link

# Daytime DJ sets: DJ Roane, DJ Void, Christian Science, Deena B, DJ Action Slacks. Afterparty lineup: Soul Clap, Supreme La Rock, Rev Shines
$ Daytime DJs and afterparty headliners TBA
% Daytime DJs TBA. Afterparty lineup: Kenny Dope, Andrés, Breakbeat Lou, Zernell
^ Daytime DJs TBA. Afterparty lineup: Rick Wilhite, Mike Huckaby, Zernell
* Daytime DJs TBA. Afterparty lineup: Osunlade, Karizma, Atjazz
+ Daytime DJs TBA. Afterparty lineup: Danny Krivit, Ron Trent, Zernell

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