DJ Seinfeld still doesn’t need/want an applause track, announces Sakura EP on Deep Sea Frequency

DJ Seinfeld still doesn't need/want an applause track, announces Sakura EP on Deep Sea Frequency

Whaaaaat’s the deeeeeeal with DJ Seinfeld (and airline food)? Supposedly Swedish producer Armand Jakobsson has experienced some criticism both for his chosen moniker and for his contributions to an apparitional “lo-fi house” genre; but from this writer’s perspective, it sounds like people were just so turned off by the recent co-opting of meme culture by racist frogs that they decided to impulsively resist a young musician who clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, and who uses the letter “U” in lieu of “you” like it was 2005. (See Seinfeld’s debut full-length Time Spent Away From U for plenty of track titles evidencing the latter feature). As far as his playfulness goes, he says the moniker was chosen on a whim as a result of a post-breakup TV binge. And the music, despite likely coming from a place of sincere emotion, genuinely sounds like a well-executed throwback to all of those classic house tracks that looooved mushy romance as a regular theme. That was and is part of the appeal!

Now, DJ Seinfeld is back and hoping for the last laugh with his new EP entitled Sakura, out April 13 on the Deep Sea Frequency label. Those inexplicably espousing an antipathy toward so-called “lo-fi house” will be happy to know that the EP features influences ranging from dub to trance. So come on now; pull up a seat, pre-order up yourself a copy of the 12-inch vinyl here, and have a listen to some clips below. No more pigeonholing. And please: no more heckling!

Sakura EP tracklisting:

01. Sakura
02. Sagrada
03. Belvedere
04. Battery

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