Domino gives you access to all that sweet indie action with new subscription service

Domino gives you access to all that sweet indie action with new subscription service

A close friend of yours has just passed away. You’ve fallen on financially hard times, to the point where you need to check your account balance every time you buy a loaf of bread. A genetically superior species of teleporting vampires is slowly conquering the human population. Is your first thought in each of these scenarios, “I need my fix of music released by Domino!”? Well, if so, have I got some important news for you! The London-based record label has just introduced a subscription service that satisfies all of your atypical obsessions.

For $9.99 a month, subscribers to Domino Drip will receive two albums of seemingly Domino’s choosing, plus ambiguous “bonus material.” At least one of the two albums each month is “guaranteed to be a brand new album,” and “from time to time,” they’ll include a classic album from their archive. All music is sent directly to your inbox in WAV or high-quality MP3 format, and material also includes that of Domino’s imprints: Double Six, Ribbon, and Weird World. They also make a point to mention that new albums from Animal Collective, Hot Chip, and Dirty Projectors are included in the coming months. And then after those albums are released, you’re paying $9.99/month for albums that you probably won’t give a crap about! Fantastic!

No, I’m exaggerating — kind of. $9.99/month is relatively cheap, but I gather that the literal amount of money saved probably isn’t worth the inability to actually choose which albums you want to purchase. Through this process, you’ll undoubtedly be served a few stinkers, and in those cases, your money will have essentially been flushed down the toilet. It would take a truly fanatical appreciation for the music that Domino releases to see a net benefit out of this service, but that’s what I’m guessing they’re counting on. That’s what I’m guessing is counting on as well.

What’s that? You just happen to be one of those fanatical appreciators? Well, go on and sign up then! The first 100 subscribers (assuming that number hasn’t been reached by now) will receive a copy of Domino’s “ultra-collectible” Smuggler’s Way zine, which comes with flexi discs of exclusive material from Dirty Projectors, Real Estate, and more. Likewise, if you’re fan enough to stay a subscriber for six months at a time, you’ll receive a 30%-off voucher redeemable at their online store. Hey, it might be worth it.

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