Domino Radio will bring joy to our hearts and ears for one all-too-brief week

Domino Radio will bring joy to our hearts and ears for one all-too-brief week

For a brief, glistening moment, like early morning dew on the first rose of summer, Domino Radio will rule the airwaves. Future generations will look back on those halcyon days with regret that they were born too late. Our contemporaries will remember it as “that one week there was something good on the radio so I didn’t have to listen to that damn Katy Perry song about doin’ it with an alien (ugh) all the time.” So that’s why I’m telling you about it ahead of time. Mark your calendars contemporaries, and read these dates and mourn, future generations. (If you’re not already mourning and chowing down on some dude’s arm in the future post-apocalyptic hellworld while you drive your spacecar around and ponder with fond confusion, “What was a Katy Perry? Why did it take our forebears so long to legalize gay marriage? A confusing place, that old world, hahahaha zim zam.” That is how future people will laugh. WEIRD, right?)

But back to the very near future: the week of June 6, 2011, to be exact. This is the day Domino Records launches Domino Radio, where you can find “non-stop twenty-four hour music, conversation, and good times” either on 87.7 FM for London-area residents or on the internet for those of us in the world who don’t live in London. You’ll find specially-commissioned shows from the Domino roster, label buddies, and “admirable public figures.” (Please be Penelope Cruz, please be Penelope Cruz ohhhhh she is so beautiful.) So far, promised guests include Animal Collective, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip/About Group, Four Tet, Franz Ferdinand, Dirty Projectors, Robert Wyatt, Steve Mason, Smith Westerns, Wild Beasts, Owen Pallett, Anna Calvi, and Austra, along with tastemaker types like Dennis Bovell (producer), Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream/Jesus & Mary Chain), Faris Badwan (The Horrors), Frieze Arts, The School of Life, Transparent Records, Angular Records, No Pain in Pop, Caught by the River, and London record shop/label Honest Jons.

“Domino Radio, a pop-up radio station for the world outside of pop” is the station’s slogan. I really like this slogan.

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