Domino signs the whole Real Estate family in summer BBQ spectacular

Domino signs the whole Real Estate family in summer BBQ spectacular

For lackadaisical New Jersey indie rockers Real Estate, summer time is their bread and butter… time. Even though their self-titled debut (TMT Review) has been out for roughly a year-and-a-half by now, plenty of plaid-clad youths should be nursing a beer and a dog to their warm, swaying songs this summer. Just as summer is the ideal time for Real Estate’s music, it is also the ideal time for news stories about Real Estate. So here’s your Tiny Mix Tapes summer news jam 2011 (stay young forever never change): Real Estate have signed to UK-based label Domino. If all goes as planned, the label should be putting out the group’s sophomore record this October.

In the past, Real Estate and their satellite projects have been putting out music through a variety of labels, including Underwater Peoples, Woodsist, and Mexican Summer. But now, they appear to be exclusively Domino clients. In addition to putting out Real Estate records, the label plans to put out future music from guitarist Matt Mondanile’s Ducktails and bassist Alex Bleeker’s Alex Bleeker and the Freaks. Real Estate and Domino: true summer buddies ‘til the end.

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