DOOM to release live LP, Expektoration, but is it really DOOM behind that mask?

DOOM to release live LP, Expektoration, but is it really DOOM behind that mask?

Whenever DOOM performs, there’s a lot of hubbub about “who’s wearing the DOOM mask,” ever since it was discovered that a dude was just wearing the mask and lip-syncing. But fuck all that shit: DOOM is great live, and it takes a lot more than a mask and mouthing words to be DOOM. I mean, even Doctor Doom had Doom-Bots for those days when he just wanted to relax — nobody sees anything wrong with that, right? Okay, yeah, Reed Richards has a problem, but he’s a nerd.

Anyway, DOOM looks to dispel any and all negative thoughts about his live performances by releasing Expektoration on September 14 through Gold Dust, the label that also released Doom’s Unexpected Guests (TMT Review). The live disc highlights some of DOOM’s greatest songs, such as “Kon Karne,” “Accordion,” “Hey,” “Rhymes Like Dimes,” “Change the Beat,” and an appearance by King Geedorah on “The Fine Print,” as well as plenty of help from Big Benn Klingon.

The disc is broken into two acts and is seperated by a “Star Trek”-themed intermission. Act One focuses mainly on new works MM…Food and Doom’s 2004 collaboration with Madlib, Madvillainy. Act Two takes a blast to the past by shifting its focus to DOOM’s 1999 debut album Operation: Doomsday. Listen closely and not only can you hear the sound of audience members reciting lyrics, but you can also hear every music nerd ejaculating at the chance to hear “Doomsday” live. Trust me, I was there, and my pants are still sticky.

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