At The Drive-In got back together the other day, but we didn’t really rush to report it because, you know, meh…

At The Drive-In got back together the other day, but we didn't really rush to report it because, you know, meh...

Dude, look out, you’re having an ACID FLASHBACK! It’s so trippy. It’s this past Sunday night, and you’re just checking Facebook on your iPhone because the Food Network Celebrity Cook-off went to commercial. Everything’s fucking melting. Nicole is three months pregnant with her third(!) kid and posting pix of her stomach in profile like crazy. Joe and Jim and a dozen other people are talking about something called a Tebow a LOT… and, what’s this? At The Drive-In have announced that they’re getting back together after 11 years! Holy shit, magical colors galore!

You follow some goon’s (whose taste in music you’ve never really respected) hyperlink over to the band’s website, where it says “Attention! To whom it may concern: At The Drive-In will be breaking their 11 year silence. This station is… now… operational.” Crazy shit. You don’t know what to think. This can’t be real. There’s a Twitter for you to follow, a little video that does nothing, and even a few dates listed for Coachella appearances! There’s no further info than that, really, but everything’s spinning and starting to turn kind of dark on you. Uh oh.

“Shit, I haven’t listened to ATDI in like 10 years!” you think. You’re sweating; you’re losing your balance. “I listen to fucking ambient now… I have a six-month-old baby boy.” Thoughts flicker; the walls are gushing fucking blood and guts and you’re drowning in a pool of musical taste-conflated-with-life-responsibility. Suddenly, your college freshman self appears from a dark doorway with the head of an anteater and runs you through with one of those Kill Bill swords. You close your eyes, but all you can see and hear is the One Armed Scissor video. Fuck. Is this music even cool? Are you even excited? Should you be? There are no answers as you bleed to death on your living room couch.

04.15.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
04.22.12 - Indio, CA - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

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