The Duke Spirit’s new LP is out now for The Lawnmower Man, but not out until January for us regular schmoes

The Duke Spirit's new LP is out now for The Lawnmower Man, but not out until January for us regular schmoes

“The Lawnmower Man” is a 1975 short story by writer Stephen King. It was first published in Cavalier magazine and was later collected in King’s 1978 collection Night Shift. The original story involves an individual who hires a serviceman to mow his lawn and is murdered after the serviceman, a satyr of Pan, summons an evil lawnmower and eats all the grass. That does not concern us. What concerns us is the 1992 film adaptation starring Pierce Brosnan, which deviated heavily from the original story. The film’s story instead concerns a scientist (Brosnan) who conducts virtual reality experiments on his mentally retarded gardener (Jeff Fahey). Long story short, the gardener becomes a magical internet being but also kind of evil. It was this theme, along with the film’s stunning visuals, that inspired British rock group The Duke Spirit to put out their new record Bruiser for internet downloading.

For the world’s lawnmower men, Bruiser is digitally available through the Shangri-La Music label. But all of us normal, non-lawnmower men and women, we must wait until January 12 to be able to hear the music encased within our Bruiser discs. Oh, to be a lawnmower man. Not only would I have access to the world’s digital music, I would also be able to hang out with Pierce Brosnan. Instead, I sit here, listening to my music discs on primitive electronics. Forever, I shall dream of The Lawnmower Man.

Bruiser tracklist:

01. Cherry Tree
02. Procession
03. Villain
04. Don’t Wait
05. Surrender
06. Bodies
07. De Lux
08. Sweet Bitter Sweet
09. Running Fire
10. Everybody’s Under Your Spell
11. Northbound
12. Homecoming

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