Earth aren’t afraid of the past, reissue original recordings

Earth aren't afraid of the past, reissue original recordings

This video has been floating around the TMT forum for a little bit. The song itself I could take or leave, and like one TMT scribbler said: Kurt Cobain playing and recording a song with Earth is really only worthwhile in novelty form. The actual result is, well, I suppose you should hear it for yourself.

The unearthing (sorry) of this snippet from Earth’s far-reaching past does prove something, though: just how much influence Dylan Carlson and his rotating crew have had on rock music in the past 20+ years, blowing SUNN® amps and ear drums the whole way. I mean, these dudes were playing with Cobain back when he was basically a nobody. They’ve been around the proverbial block more than once and innovated at least one musical style while doing it. Earth have some serious street cred.

So the fact that all the original Earth recording sessions are being remastered and reissued is something that should not go unnoticed, and thankfully it hasn’t. The band are collecting all the recordings from the Smegma Studios sessions back in 1990 and releasing it under the title A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction. Some of the tracks can be found on the Extra-Capsular Extraction EP and the Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars CD, but never before in one tangible collection. Like all current-day Earth efforts, it’s going to be released via Southern Lord with artwork by Simon Fowler and package design by who other than sunn 0))) wizard Stephen O’Malley. No word on a release date yet, but I for one will be sure to keep you updated.

A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction tracklist:

01. A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge, part 1
02. A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge, part 2
03. Ouroboros Is Broken
04. Geometry of Murder
05. German Dental Work
06. Divine and Bright
07. Dissolution 1

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