Noo choons from Ed Balloon: Flourish EP out sooper soone Deathbomb Arc

Noo choons from Ed Balloon: Flourish EP out sooper soone Deathbomb Arc

We’ve heard a lot lately about how much music has changed over the past however-many years but it hasn’t always been for the better. For every lazy pop fly there are too few hard liners. For every fresh take available, there seem to be many musical developments that carry a distinct echo of the Shit Ol’ Days of the mid-1980s, 1997, early 2010s, whenever (fill in your most loathed year/time of musical hell). With a penchant for jumping all over the map musically, thematically, and conceptually, Ed Balloon was originally thought to be a difficult proposal. But the opposite has proven true. For this self-styled original, the marketplace is wide open and begging for more of his unique and joyful blend of r&b/pop/soul/rock/electro whackjobbery.

Following effusive praise that was lavished on his previous two EPs, expectations are perhaps unfeasibly high for a third from the man born Edmund Oribhabor. Not one to rest on his laurels, however, Ed is ready to drop a new EP, and it is as scintillating as the first two. Flourish is out October 20 through Deathbomb Arc, and it contains six new tracks that highlight his distinctively maverick approach and capture a bewildering range of spirited songs and themes. So…it’s an Ed Balloon release, in other words.

Check out Flourish’s first blush, “BDA (Still Riding)” down below, and pre-order all six blushes over here.

Flourish tracklist:

1. Papér Chaser
2. BDA (Still Riding)
3. Insecure
4. Parties
6. Fam Bam (ft. King Kuf)

Ed Balloon live:

10.13.17 - Boston, MA - Museum of Fine Arts (MFA Late Nites)
11.10.17 - Somerville, MA - ONCE (Hassle Fest 9)

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