Edie Sedgwick: Scarlett Johansson Not Great Actress, Sissy Spacek a Stand-In for Menstruation

Edie Sedgwick (not to be confused with the Andy Warhold Superstar) is the moniker of Justin Moyer, founding member of El Guapo (not to be confused with El Guincho) and Antelope (not to be confused with Crystal Antlers). Aside from his music projects, his recent history is punctuated by occasional epileptic seizures. According to Dischord co-founder Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat, he Evens):

Justin's seizures spawned erratic behavior. His bands broke up. He started wearing cocktail dresses. He wrote an autobiography of Meryl Streep and tried to stage readings at Fugazi shows. And Edie Sedgwick was born.

Sedgwick's new album, Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer, is set for release via Dischord on November 11. With track titles like "Angelina Jolie," "Sissy Spacek," and "O.D.B.," something tells me this'll be quite the weird little bugger.

His tour starts today.

Edie Sedgwick tourdates:

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