Editions Mego releases Robin Fox’s score to dance piece A Small Prometheus

Editions Mego releases Robin Fox's score to dance piece A Small Prometheus

Art’s pretty cool, right? Now just think: what if, instead of just viewing it, you could also LISTEN to it in the comfort of your own home? A revolutionary concept, no doubt. And now you can. With the latest release from Editions Mego, you can listen to the lovely aural compositions of Robin Fox for dance choreographer Stephanie Lake’s A Small Prometheus, which debuted at Melbourne Festival in 2013, within your very own living room/car/cool office with a record player.

Out October 30, this will be Fox’s first Editions Mego release since 2010’s A Handful of Automation. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring “the themes of combustion and heat dissipating in various physical systems,” well, here’s your chance. Available as a limited-edition vinyl release with six tracks, and as a digital download with two additional works.


01. 3 Phase
02. A Pound of Flesh
03. A Small Prometheus
04. Dark Rain
05. Antlers
06. Through Sky
07. Counter Strike (Bonus)
08. Four Lines (Bonus)

• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

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