Efterklang Sign To 4AD, A Subsidiary of Cap’n Crunch

The good news: jubilant Danish indie-rockers Efterklang have signed to legendary label 4AD. The group plans to release their follow up to 2007’s Parades on the label in early 2010, in all areas except Scandinavia, where they will put it out on their own Rumraket imprint.

Fans waiting for the band’s new record can sate themselves with Performing Parades, a CD+DVD set capturing the band’s September 2008 performance of Parades with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra at Copenhagen's Koncerthuset. Performing Parades will be out October 19 on The Leaf Label.

The bad news: signing to 4AD made Efterklang remember how much they loved This Mortal Coil. They’ve been locked in their room listening to It Will End In Tears for days now. Somebody make sure those boys are okay!

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