Elfin Saddle have a new LP on Constellation! Saddle up your foxes, gentlefolk!

Elfin Saddle have a new LP on Constellation! Saddle up your foxes, gentlefolk!

Elfin Saddle’s music is exactly what its name sounds like. Singing saws? Check. Accordion? Check. Non-obnoxious xylophone? Tiny charming Japanese woman? BUT OF COURSE! This Montreal-based four-piece is an enchanted fox ride through a forest of dandelions, fireflies, and tweed-clad wee folk. It’s like late-80s kids series David the Gnome tunneled its way out of the past and into a Québécois art school.

And now the group wants to take you on a whole new fox journey with their latest album, Devastates. Multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, cellist Kristina Koropecki, and upright bass-slapper Nathan Gage have crafted a lovely little “soundworld” on this one, as their label (Constellation) puts it. It’s art folk for a new millennium, and the band pulls from that whole sea chanty/European vagabond school of indie rock while still sounding super fresh, urgent, and innovative. Entrance to elfland is open to mortals come March 6, when the album hits stores.

Devastates tracklisting:

01. The Changing Wind
02. Kiboho
03. Boats
04. The Power & The Wake
05. Chaos Hands
06. Invocation
07. In a Blanket of Leaves
08. The Wind Come Carry

• Elfin Saddle: http://elfinsaddle.com
• Constellation: http://cstrecords.com

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