Elysia Crampton (formerly E+E) announces new album, American Drift

Elysia Crampton (formerly E+E) announces new album, American Drift

After releasing her debut 7-inch release last month, Virginia-based, Bolivian-born artist Elysia Crampton (formerly E+E) has revealed her anticipated full-length follow-up to THE LIGHT THAT YOU GAVE ME TO SEE YOU (which made it to #13 on our year-end list). It’s called American Drift, and it’s being released by FaltyDL’s Blueberry Recordings.

Crampton describes, beautifully, the four-track album as “Virginian American history, exploring brownness as more than culture or Othering, as geology. American narratives are re-examined on this level: narratives of colonized and colonizer, slave histories, impact events and fern spikes, two-spirit and queer indigenous histories. Trans-ontologies are given voice and resonance.”

The FADER has a premiere of the album’s first single, “Petrichrist.” Check it out here:

Crampton’s “epic psych metalera crunk tribalosa” is out July 31.

• Elysia Crampton: https://soundcloud.com/eande
• Blueberry Recordings: https://soundcloud.com/blueberry-recordings

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