EMI Puts Abbey Road Studios Up For Sale

EMI Puts Abbey Road Studios Up For Sale

The famous Abbey Road Studios in London is apparently up for sale to the highest bidder. EMI, which has been owned by Terra Firma since 2007, has been having financial trouble ever since the turnover. Still, the decision to sell off the famous recording studio comes as a bit of a shock. With the studio producing a large chunk of The Beatles and Pink Floyd’s musical output, the decision must not have been easy. The sell is another sign of the times, at least as far as major music labels/publishers go.

You’d think one of the two remaining Beatles would step in or even team up to protect a part of their own history. The Daily Express quoted Sir Paul McCartney on February 17 as saying, “There are a few people who have been associated with the studio for a long time who were talking about mounting some bid to save it. I sympathize with them. I hope they can do something, it’d be great.” I guess the going price (possibly in the tens of millions of pounds) must be a little too high for even the mega-wealthy.

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