Emo’s Austin closes their doors after 20 years of making Texas cool

Emo's Austin closes their doors after 20 years of making Texas cool

Now, while most Texans will disagree, there isn’t much in Texas to make it “cool” (as in hip, trendy, chic, or approved by hipsters) outside of the hot and humid city of Austin, so, in a bit of sadder news, Austin is losing one of its coolest places, as Emo’s Austin has announced that they will be closing their doors for the final time in December.

“We were going the way of CBGB’s. When Moody Theatre moved downtown, it raised the bar for everybody,” said owner Frank Hendrix in a report on Billboard. The property has already been bought by Sixth Red River LC, who will probably turn the famed venue into something not nearly as cool, such as a House of Blues or another high-priced boutique hotel. Probably just some shitty condominiums.

“What makes a venue a venue is not four walls, it’s the people and the community that support it. We haven’t lost our spirit. We’re still Emo’s,” affirms Hendrix, who will continue to maintain Emo’s legacy by selling branded products like hats and shirts, continuing to maintain sister-venue Emo’s East, and promising that a new venue will be opened “within walking distance” from the original location.

Emo’s Austin will continue to play host to bands and musicians until Christmas Eve of this year. “We’re hoping for a proper send-off, with bands who’ve played Emo’s in the last 14 or 15 years to say good-bye to the downtown location.”

• Emo’s Austin: http://www.emosaustin.com

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